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Groundhog Day Again
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Groundhog Day. Probably my favorite holiday. Pulling a somnolent rodent out of a hole. What's not to like?

And so what if it seems like Punxutawney Phil always sees his shadow (apparantly, he didn't, as recently as 1999 but you could've fooled me) and predicts six more weeks of winter? At least the possibility of spring has been bruited.

Don't you wish every day could be Groundhog Day?

And speaking of which, in honor of the day, a list of movies (just off the top of my head and in no order) which made a big impression on me, for one reason or another.

Groundhog Day -- Greatest sf movie ever
The Mark of Zorro (original) -- "My son...Zorro!"
The Wizard of Oz -- Those flying monkeys gave me the creeps
King Kong (original) -- It was always a great day when this showed up on tv
The Day the Earth Stood Still -- Wow. An sf movie that isn't stupid!
Reptilicus -- Godzilla's just a cartoon character
Unforgiven -- in reality, violence hurts
The Haunting (original) -- Scariest movie ever
When Harry Met Sally -- Holds a special meaning for me
Star Wars -- Wow. Space opera where the strings don't show
Top Hat -- Perfection
The Sixth Sense -- I can't believe I didn't figure it out!
A Hard Days Night -- Can't believe two of them are already gone
Big Trouble in Little China -- Sublimely stupid and my kids loved it
Easy Rider -- Don't you hate it when that happens?
Pale Rider -- Wish he'd ride into Washington, D.C.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- High point of western civilization

Do these say something about me?

Read/Post Comments (6)

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