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Today I'm going to try something different. The heck with agonizing over a topic. I'm going to journal. That's right, journaling in my journal. What a concept.

Well, let's see...what's been happening? Oh yeah, I got up.

Hey, that was easy. I could say that every day. Unless I didn't get up. In which case I wouldn't be at my computer to explain why. Not that anyone would care if I couldn't even get out of bed. OK, maybe some of you would care. But don't worry, I've always managed to get up. Someday, when I'm old, maybe I'll stay in bed with a laptop. But I won't wear red.

Now the cat's welded to my lap. Every morning, as soon as I sit down in front of the computer, the cat gets on me. (Yeah, I've explained that, but I have to write down what's going on, don't I?) I don't know if the cat thinks its doing me a favor and showing its support or demonstrating ownership. It's been on me an hour. Because it's cold outside. (In the summer the cat visits for about a minute -- just a courtesy sit) Less than three hours until spring and there's snow blowing through the frigid air and covering the grassy hill behind the house, at the bottom of which sits my car.

I was supposed to go to the grocery today so now it's going to have to be curry without the hard boiled eggs. We probably eat too many eggs anyway. I hear they're bad for you. Maybe I'll live an extra two minutes for the egg I don't eat today.

And a boring two minutes they'll probably be!

Read/Post Comments (9)

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