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Caffeine and Computers
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Summertime and the blogging is slow.

We're in the season when we spend half our time thinking about the thermometer. The temperature's been around 90 day after day, but the weather has been so much hotter in most of the US and Uk that it would be churlish to blog about it.

Besides I complained about the weather last year. Or was it the year before? Or both?

My computer's been cutting up, intermittently. Invalid page faults aren't very inspiring. Just when I've finally all but resigned myself to the horror of changing over to a new machine, it makes nice for a few days. I think it's purposefully tormenting me.

Or maybe it's the heat and humidity affecting it. Then again the machine's seven years old so it might be a combination of heat, humidity and age. Maybe those are my problems. But the computer's lucky. It uses electricity rather than caffeine.

The coffee percolator's on the way out too. I staggered out of bed and downstairs, managed to fumble the plug into the socket, my vision blurry, hands shaking. (We make sure the percolator's locked and loaded before we retire for the night.)

After ten minutes of hissing and chugging the blessed red light went on but when I poured I had a cup full of faintly brownish luke warm swamp water.

This percolator has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.

I don't belive in caffeine in homeopathic doses.

Blog? You've got to be kidding. I'm not even sure my heart is beating.

When it comes to interfering with my ability to function I don't know what's worse -- the defective computer or the defective coffee. It's kind of a chicken or egg question. Or is it?

I'm not thinking straight. With any luck, when I try to post this, I'll get a general protection fault.

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