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Sieg Meow
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In case you're tired of internet photos of kute kuddly kitties, here's something completely different -- Cats That Look Like Hitler.

My family once had a cat that looked like Hitler. Being short of subtlty -- or just plain politically incorrect -- we called him Adolf. He was white, with gray markings and a little black mustache under his pink nose. He also had a distinctively wild look in his yellow eyes.

What I remember best about Adolf was his penchant for corn on the cob. When we shucked corn we'd toss him an uncooked cob. He held the cob down with his paws as he nibbled this way and that until he'd downed every kernel. It's just as well he didn't like it buttered, with that mustache of his.

Adolf had showed up at our door, fully grown, and never quite got used to the house. His food dish sat on the back porch. One morning I got up early, in time to see him faced off across his cat chow with an enormous possum. Luckily for Adolf the possum took off when I threw open the screen door.

A few years after Adolf appeared he went off and never returned. Did he find a new home and feast on corn again? Or did he come to a bad end? Maybe he met up with that possum or decided to invade Russia.

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