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No Encores
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During the past month's blogging I used up practically every idea left in my brain. At some point it has to end. But it seems a shame. It wants to keep going. Kind of like a rock concert. Except, of course, a blog is words and not music and it isn't loud, or ... well, OK, it's nothing like a rock concert.

But I can't help thinking of seeing the Kinks at the Fillmore East in the early seventies. (Maybe only because it's the last idea in my brain.) Of course the audience kept calling for an encore. So, as often happens, the band began to shed members. Finally, Ray Davies was alone of the stage, sitting on a stool, singing "You Are My Sunshine."

While it was very touching, it was also pretty obviously THE END because once you're down to accompanying yourself on a uke to a southern politician's theme song how much further can you descend?

In my case, all I can say, is "bad meat."

In fact, not even bad meat but bad fake meat.

The most notable event of the first day of 2007 was when I decided to fry up some vegetarian "hamburger." I should've know when the plastic packaging popped with a firecracker sound. And the somewhat sickening, sour smell as it sizzled in the pan should've alerted me. But I put it down to the product being overly authentic. I never did care for the odor of dead flesh cooking.

The first mouthful, however, made it clear that there were chemicals gone wrong.

So there you have it. And there I have it. My reason to put an end to the madness. That's what I'm reduced to. Aside from mentioning that I worked on an article about eminent domain until midnight.

Bad meat. And legal writing. Is that enough?

Oh, and I've left the building too.

No. Honestly...

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