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Maggie suggested a meme on luxuries which I shall attempt to undertake, despite that luxuries and I seem to occupy different universes.

Three Gastronomical Delights You Rarely Consume

Indian, Lebanese and Greek food

(Unfortunately since we left New York such restaurants seem in short supply. Plus, even if we had them locally, since we've gone veggie I'm not sure how much of the menus would still be palatable. Yes, I admit, I ate a lot of lamb. Ah, the sacrifices I make for principles!)

Three Things You Consume Daily

coffee, eggs, bread.

(Did I mention gustatorial sacrifice?)

Three Things You Love To Do That You're Rarely Able To Do

orienteer, go for long walks in parks, drink too much beer

(Orienteering meets are too far to get to often. No parks nearby, and although any woods would do, the woods around here are all private and posted, and there's lots of dogs and gun owners. As for beer, some things one likes to do are not good to do more than rarely.)

A Gift You Gave Yourself Today, A Gift You Gave Yourself Yesterday, And A Gift You Plan On Giving Yourself Tomorrow

Slept till 11:30 yesterday. Unfortunately I've been working about 12 hours a day the past two weeks on a rush job. So I needed the sleep but today...well, the only gift I've given myself in the first twenty minutes is indulging my desire to post this entry. Tomorrow, I'll take some time out to read blogs.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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