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Nothing Happened
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Some days nothing happens. I'm sitting at the computer checking favorite blogs which haven't been updated. The coffee in my cup has got cold. I've been too tired to bother trying to drink the coffee to keep myself awake. I need to get some hot coffee but to do that would mean rousing the cat who is sleeping on my lap.

We got up too early. Mary and I. Not the cat and I. The cat was still asleep. It was still dark. Not the cat. The house. The cat's a tortoise shell. The only thing worse than the telephone ringing in the middle of night is the alarm going off in what looks like the middle of the night. The telephone is frightening, the alarm merely annoying. Not a great way to start the day, however.

I needed to get to the post office and the bank. The rain we've been having might start to freeze, the weather forecasts keep warning. I'm beginning to think the forecasters are mostly out to wring every bit of drama they can from the meteorological possibilities.

Driving down the long hill into town I could see a curving line of fog that marked the course of the river hidden by the low hills. The hill's a good mile long and once it freezes you can't get north of town.

I did the chores. I worked some on the legal encyclopedia article I'm revising. Not as much as I should have. The rain, which hasn't begun to freeze despite us jumping out of bed early and racing about frantically, has pattered lazily at the window all day. I had no ideas for a blog and not enough energy to hike back into my past to find an idea

My coffee's still cold.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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