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From the Notebook
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If I need a minor household disaster like frozen pipes to keep me blogging I'd rather not. Such subjects, I can do without.

I checked the "ideas page" in my KeyNote organizer, where I jot down things I might write about if I'm stuck for something. This is what I found:

white squirrel

hail baseball

first snowdrops, autumn crocus

doles out

plymouth (done already?)

Well, I know what the squirrel entry means but I seem to have featured an overabundance of wildlife recently. As for the noted, I think I already bored people with the ancient tale of that ancient car. Snowdrops and autumn crocus is something I probably wrote down in the fall, at autumn crocus time, and never got around to, but which might make sense in a few weeks when it is snowdrop time.

Hail baseball means nothing to me. What is the correlation between hail and baseball?The thought must have been too brilliant for me to even remember it.

The "doles out" makes even less sense. Did I intend to write "dole is out"? Whatever that's about? I know the dole is what they call unemployment compensation in the UK. What would I have to say about that? I sometimes buy Dole pineapple slices. Did I inadvertantly make a grocery list notation here? I'm out of pineapple?

Or maybe "dole" is a typo. Maybe I meant...."mole"...or "vole"..."The vole's out!" That sounds rather exciting. I haven't seen any voles lately, however. Or moles. Is it soles? Poles? Holes? Damned if I know.

Read/Post Comments (9)

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