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Lightning Strikes Twice
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A thunderstorm rumbled through a couple days ago. It didn't look like much on the radar. (I'm always perusing weather maps because I like to know what's coming even if I can't do anything about it.) However, the insignificant spot red managed to send a terrific lightning bolt crashing down nearby.

Unlike the bolt that hit the pine in the backyard last year, this one didn't shake the house. An inspection of the vicinity revealed no sign of shattered trees. It had probably struck further back in the woods.

Later that night our well pump stopped working.

Lightning strikes trees and houses and church steeples and golfers. But wells?

When the repairmen showed up at 8 am (at time and a half, it being Saturday naturally) I had no idea that the lightning and our sudden lack of water might be related. Then our neighbor showed up, happy that we'd already got hold of a drilling company, because his well pump wasn't functioning either. Power surge, he figured.

Some components in the control box, which was hiding under the sun porch, had burnt out, so it must have been the lightning.

Twice in two years? I wish we'd beat those kinds of odds playing the lottery. If we keep beating the odds like this there won't be anything left in the bank account.

What if it isn't chance? What if it's some sort of heavenly fine? Or a warning? I'm beginning to think someone up there doesn't like me.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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