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For those of you who have an Amazon Kindle or are thinking of buying one, please note that Poisoned Pen Press is releasing some of its older titles in Kindle editions. Among them, I'm happy to say, are One For Sorrow and Two For Joy, the first two entries in our Byzantine mystery series, along with the series prequel, Four For A Boy. If you're curious about the books Kindle certainly makes them cheap and easy to try.

I have to admit that I don't own a Kindle or any other electronic reading device. It's not due to any aversion to electronic publishing but rather an unease about Internet commerce. I still insist on depositing checks by handing them to a bank teller rather than dropping them into an ATM, so I have yet to enter the brave new world of PayPal and the like.

Until that day comes, if it does, I quite enjoy reading books on my computer monitor. I like the convenience. As electronic text devices are refined, I suspect that paper books will disappear, except as art objects. Words, after all, are symbols, designed to transfer the electro-chemical activity in one mind to other minds. The need to reduce words to a physical state for transfer is a necessary inconvenience. Electronic words are much easier to transport and carry every bit of the information contained in ink words. Indeed, we have electronic activity in our brains, not ink. (All this might be a potential disaster for historians but that's another subject)

I regularly read e-Books from archives like Gutenberg. Ironically I love the new fangled format but prefer old style writing. I guess old style writing in a new fangled format would pretty much describe our own Kindled mysteries.

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