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Feline Dreams
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Our cat Sabrina is curled up on the floor sleeping the profound sleep of cats, indistinguishable from death aside for an almost imperceptible rise and fall of her sides. Suddenly, her ears quiver, her paws twitch, she emits a tiny cry.

"Chasing rabbits in her dreams," we say.

But she's always been an indoor cat, rescued from a feral litter in a neighbor's garage. Has she ever seen a rabbit from a window, let alone chased one?

What are cat dreams like? There can't be any language. Are the dreams primarily visual or tactile? The sense of smell is very important to cats. In their dreams are they immersed in a world of scent?

I don't think I have ever had a dream where I smelled anything. Or at least I don't remember. There's little point in my pondering cat dreams when I can barely recall my own. Have I had dreams involving tactile sensations? I don't think so. Sounds occasionally. Language? People I encounter in dreams speak to me, but less often than I would expect and only rarely do I recall what they said.

Mostly the content of my dreams, or what I recollect of them, is visual. Are they in color? I can't remember color playing a role, or noticing color. But if my dream landscapes were black and white only wouldn't I have noticed?

Although people are often featured in my dreams it is surprising how often they those who are deceased. And in the majority of my dreams I am alone, making my way through an unfamiliar and usually surreal world.

Of one thing I am certain. I have never chased rabbits in my sleep.

Read/Post Comments (14)

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