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To Promote or Not to Promote?
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While I was contemplating an entry about the pros and (mostly) cons of self-promotion for writers, I went over to the Poisoned Pen Authors Blog and was surprised to see that mystery author Larry Karp had just dealt, eloquently with one aspect of the subject in November Song.

The common wisdom today is that writers have to promote relentlessly. We are supposed to have websites and Facebook pages. We must blog and tweet. We need to attend conventions, do signings, make personal appearances. Thankfully, Poisoned Pen Press does not pressure its authors to do any of those things. Nevertheless, given the supercharged publicity atmosphere enveloping the publishing industry, authors who aren't inclined to be salesmen or pose as minor celebrities can feel a bit guilty.

Larry points out that writers are perhaps better off writing, and this is especially true as we grow older and the precious days available to us dwindle. As a young man, I never aspired to be a huckster and I certainly don't want to waste my time at that vocation now.

Nevertheless, most of us want to do something, within reason, to help our publishers bring attention to our books. Mary and I started a blog for M.E.Mayer so that if anyone investigates the unfamiliar name on the covers of the Head of Zeus editions, they won't come up empty.

This journal was started for similar reasons. As is probably obvious from the big book cover on the home page. But as is probably also obvious if you have been around here for long, my heart really isn't in the publicity. I dutifully announce what needs announcing but I found that what I most enjoyed about blogging was the opportunity to write little essays and receive feedback.

My big Twitter adventure seems headed in the same direction. To my shock and horror I discover it can be fun to trade brief comments with folks and see a constant flow of information any time I care to look. But is it a good way to publicize books?

In my opinion, no. Unless one already has a reputation which might lead people to follow you. Little-known authors seem to gain followers mostly by trading followers with other little-known authors. But let's face it, we can't all buy each others books, or even actually hang on each others every tweet.

So it looks like Twitter is going to turn out like blogging. I let myself be drawn in for promotional purposes and end up "wasting" a lot of time for the fun of it.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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