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Even More Nothing
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mz. em commented: "I know some days I feel like I have nothing to write about. But I show up and write about that I don't have anything to write about." What an excellent idea....

Ah the joys of blogging, and blogging, and blogging and blogging....At what point does one become a garrulous old man retelling the same tedious stories for the umpteenth time, trotting out the usual cliched and inconsequential bits of "wisdom", riding familiar broken-down hobby horses to nowhere?

When did I get here?

But then, you've heard this complaint before haven't you?

The Internet has an insatiable appetite for content. To keep feeding a blog you need limitless inspiration or the gall to endlessly repeat yourself or a talent for stringing together sentences and paragraphs about nothing.

I used to be good at the latter. I would be asked for an article for a friend's zine, or feel I should respond to a publication sent to me, or maybe I had cranked out my own zine on my spirit duplicator and found I had a blank page yet to fill. Years ago I had no compunction about simply starting to type, knowing that one word would follow another, to form sentences. The sentences would pile up into paragraphs. The paragraphs would soon cover a page. It's amazing how words propagate. Like rabbits.

But rabbits at least hop around once they've been propogated. They nibble at our grass and attract the interest of cats. But what do cats care about blogs? No! If they could read them, they wouldn't. Nor do blogs hop around. They just lie there. Like rabbits after a cat has got hold of them.

Except for the rabbit my grandmother's cat brought into the house once which had to be chased out with a broom. (Have I mentioned that? More than once?) The same way I would like to chase out with a broom the next blog I read about how the publishing industry sucks. (Talk about being hard up for content...)

Do you think that's enough for a blog? One thing I've learned over the years - when you get to the end, just stop.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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