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So far, some newish 90/10 hamburger, onions, 5-6 small cloves of garlic, 5 smallish onions, rest of the mild peppers in jar. Going for a pepper approach this time, which piscis isn't such a big fan of.

This is going to be an in-process log....

11:01 -- Furmano's crushed no-salt tomatoes are more like pureed, almost a sauce, nicely basil (I got the basil kind). It still irks me that the no-salt tomatoes are more expensive. Have to decide if I'm going to go big batch with Dei Fratelli sauce, or just do my own from scratch, cooking down the diced tomatoes.

11:16 -- Toyed w/ adding the pine nuts which've been languishing here. Decided against; want to perfect (ha!) the pepper-ish sauce. Three cans of tomatoes, rather than the Italian sauce.

11:23 -- There's no lid that fits over the wok -- using tinfoil. The spices are probably not going to be enough, but same with the garlic. And adding in later never seems to help.

12:04 -- Coming along, added the "medium" peppers and sauce, a small dose, but works well. Needed more garlic, so that went in as well. Started noodles, gotta stir now.

12:10 -- As I thought, garlic not an punchy as I want it. Resorting to garlic salt now. (No salt previously added.) Interestingly, this is not a reduction sauce, which is the way it's usually done around here. It's kind of reducing, but incidentally.

12:18 -- the garlic's coming out, passed on the wine, just slopped it over spaghetti, and now, the proof in the metaphorically incorrect pudding...

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