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Not dead.

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Nope, I'm not dead. Not nearly. Just a little zoned out with a bit of a cold, some dreck at work, and some busywork for school. A veritable recipe for mental rot, I tell you!

At the moment, I come not to praise WordPerfect, but to bury it. Changing footnote text FROM freeeeeeakin FOURTEEN POINT to something SANE should not be difficult. In fact, I should not even have to think about it. Trivia. M$-Word 5.1a, heck, even 4.0, did this trivially, even -- GASP -- for MULTIPLE G-DD---ED FOOTNOTES! Instead, you see, of ALTERING EACH SINGLE FOOTNOTE BY HAND.

You must be present to win the privilege of seeing me cuss like a sailor "with issues".


This is all because I'm cranking out draft 2.1 of the thesis, wonking up the bits on Celsus which were supposed to go into 2.0, but which I kind of neglected. *cough* Ideally, replacement pages will be provided to me advisor before he can ask about that. Have also discovered that only one review or mention of the Celsus translation I had been using did not damn it pretty savagely. Oops. Back to Chadwick's translation of Origen, I guess, he said, cringingly.

It's a bit strange tacking something like this on belatedly, but there's a certain logic to it, I suppose. Though I don't feel I'm giving Celsus his due, even though he's now just fragments in Origen's refutation. And I hate doing a plain either/or contrast of authors, making some kind of dichotomy. In fact, I told my advisor this at the beginning -- months ago, though. Like he'll remember that kind of trivia. Right now, cranking it out is the priority. If it's not great, they can just give me "pass pending revisions" status, which is good enough for me!

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