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very very very very tired

"How done are you?!"

I'm sooooooo DONE, that my 56-page-plus-bibliography triple-copy is sitting on the library administrator's desk to be sent to the binder's! Ha! (Two for them, one for me!)

And I am so entirely ready to move on. Besides reconciling myself to putting down the faithful truck I neglected to its impending death, I'm attempting to reconcile myself to going back to sitting in a cubicle pandering to people's randomized whims while squeezing out a nice, but no-initiative current co-worker, in order to pay for things like, oh, electricity and dsl goodness. And I have this weight lifted from shoulders, which is a tad dizzying. Graduation ceremony tomorrow should be pretty disorienting, to boot.

And please, whatever you do, wait a week until you ask me anything about Justin Martyr or the resurrection...

*Quavering sigh*

Now I can find my summer list and cross off items like "die of shame from flunking out again"! OH BOY OH BOY. In the last few days, I've picked up my Lyon, A Constitutional and Legal History of Medieval England for some light reading! Ah, thatsa the good stuff, ah?

Mind you, at this point my classes and final print editing have caused my stuff to be strewn across the front room to approximately quintuple the occupied floor space versus a month ago. Now, happily, I get to put it all away... Shelve it, file it, lay it to rest. A pleasant sleep among their supportive sibling volumes, standing watch against the ravages of ignorance, proudly bearing the scars and sticky notes of service at the front for a long campaign, awaiting the next call to action...

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