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It's been nearly a week and a half since I graduated, and since noone's called to ask for my diploma back, I ass-u-me that means it's true.

People keep asking how it feels to be done; I've realized now that it's a lot of the same folks who have variously asked "how does it feel to be almost done" or "are you done yet". It's simply the hows-the-wife-and-kids question, the query string succeeding "Hi comma" which is suitable for late-twenties grad students.

I think the correct translation for "Hi comma how are you end" is actually, "Greetings, and I hope you're going to behave as I expect." If handshakes really evolved from the weapons-check upon meeting, I might prefer that.

I suppose I oughtn't be resentful or suspicious, which I apparently am this evening, of those who are solicitous of little progress updates. A few conversations with people who actually are somewhat interested, and/or are doing analagous work of their own, makes most inquiries rather pale by comparison.

I realize people are superficial, but I do wish they'd have the courtesy to refrain from expending their energies for drivel on my year's work and long-awaited degree.

Of course, people might very well feel the same about their spouses and their own flesh and blood....

So, apparently I'd like a revival of inwardness.

Big surprise there. It would be nice to dilly-dally prominently at the theater, cafe, and such while making the point, though. And so it goes.

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