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sluggish (grey afternoon)

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Recent movie: Star Wars*****; Godzilla vs. Mothra***; Seven Samurai*****

Recent books: Genesis; Galatians; Sources of Japanese Civilization v.1; Kosuke Koyama, Three Mile an Hour God; Steven Brust, Yendi; Velli-Matti Karkkainen, Pneumatology: The Hooly Spirit in Ecumenical, International, and Contextual Perspective; Kosuke Koyama, Waterbuffalo Theology; C. S. Lewis, The Great Divorce; Schlatter, The Theology of the Apostles; I John 1:2 (trans.)


So, after last week's conference, being moved by mucho Spiritual pow'r, we're rearranging the house. Err, yes, there's a connection of sorts, bear with me. In part, there's just spring cleaning (ie, we clean twice a year), and we're getting around to it. The other bit is that we're rearranging to streamline, or remove obstacles to, our prayer lives. There isn't anyplace in the house which is at all conducive to a quiet conversation with God -- and it's not exactly configured for hospitality to more mundane guests, either. As piscis observed, it's overflowing with distractions everywhere. Conversation with one another is alright, because we have a compelling visual target, but without it, and fighting the natural resistance to prayer, we're in a sorry state as matters stand.

That impulse, coupled with a growing desire, at least on my part, to start trimming down our possessions to a level more reasonable, even suitable for places with much much smaller apartments, has meant getting rid of one piece of furniture already, with a couple more being considered for the chopping block. And, more drastically: a cull of my books.

Right now, I've got about 6 feet of books culled, only a few of them paperback novels. A trip to Kregel's is planned, where I can probably swap in the books of interest to them for a handful of things I've long been wanting, or have been getting by with borrowing. Probably at a 12-1 ratio or so.

There will probably be more, as I focus on where I'm going, what I'm doing; some destinations will probably mean that a lot of topics will be far less relevant in context. If I wind up a generalist prof, though, I'm hoping they give me lots of money to sate my greed and get shiny new books in plenitude.

It's just occurred to me journaling here that I should also attack my files; I have loads and loads of random crap filed which I probably don't need. I'm a serious packrat. There's a lot of sentimental punch packed in there, I bet -- almost all of it connected to my younger days, and people I've not spoken with in a decade. Time to sharpen the sickle...

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