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boots on the ground

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Been avoiding much futile blood-pressure-raising politics in recent days, but I am forced to quote InstaPundit:

THE WAR IS OVER: France has surrendered.

Since other countries have decided to own up to cleaning their messes, it's time for us to get busy again. Since France is quite happily operating without a UN mandate in cooperation with a 'coalition of the willing' in Ivory Coast, it's time for the Yanks to show there's no hard feelings and follow suit. Gloating over the demonstrable futility of UN so-called peacekeepers is not a solution. It's time for boots on the ground. (See INTEL DUMP, passim.)

Specifically, we should start in the DR Congo, where s*** is happening rapidly. Heck, we're on that half of the globe in force anyway... A little sabre-rattling is in order, at the least. I know I'm writing my congresscritters (or at least their staffers, the way things stand). We drop in in force there, maybe we can rattle Mugabe's cage and shake him loose.

Ask me on an ambitious day, and I'll offer to occupy West of Jordan, South of Lebanon to the Negev, and impose some real fsckin' democracy on it... Make everybody down there reeeeaall happy...

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