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listen to my brain watch hockey!

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{ Now playing: err, hockey, duh

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15 minutes -- crud, missed the first 5 minutes

12 minutes -- d00d, it looks like fsckin' hockey out there -- sweet!

10:47 -- commercial break. sounds of screaming drift through the window
when teevee is muted. turn out to be girls' basketball pick-up game
behind the house, miss until 8 minutes :/

6:04 -- skating, shooting, saves, ahhh, hockey!

4th minute -- also, hits. many hits. many of them even clean hits.

2:29 - boarding call! pow'r play!

1:34 - Elias denied. wow.

:33 -- enough awards chatter, fools!

:6.2 -- faceoff at the end, w00

Ends null-null.

Is there some reason Jim Rome has not been killed yet, or at least mocked
off the air? Does he bear the mark of Cain?

Thank goodness we have Panger to talk about goaltending, or intermission
would be a total waste, or worse, what with all those beer commercials
adding to my flame-time in purgatory...

Also, _The Hulk_ is going suck, big-time. Which is a shame really.
_League of Extraordinary Gentlemen_ should rock, though. Better read the
comic, like I've been told.

All the teevee is going to suck, but you knew that. Especially "Threat
Matrix". We have Fox, CNN, and M$NBC -- why the fsck do we need bloody
bad teevee akshun?
Second Period

20:00 --

18 - how?!
oh, deflection, g'dang. wow.
NJ 1 -- AN 0

16:50 -- icing. stoppage. wow.

stats, stats, blah blah blah

16 -- ooh, interference on the Ducks.


goodbye, net...

dear broadcasters STFU exceot about the #$&$&^ hockey.

Also, the Nextel commercials are groovy.

And kill the possibly-marrying lusers, please. PLEASE.

11 -- wow, terrific hockey, just awesome

10:00 --- another terrific minute of hockey.

9:16 - what surprises me is not how good NJ is -- I knew that, they're in
our division and wail on us all the time -- but that Anaheim is keeping
up, and is also very good. and how many good guys from the East are over
there now.

7:42 -- boom! scrumming in front of the net, and rebound batting back. w00

7:26 - i still hate the human interest stories and star capsules.

5:49 - wow Kariya shot, Brodeur save

3:48 holy crap so close wow defenseman

1:01 -- faceoff in front of Brodeur now

:30 -- 'NJ's game to lose'? bah! give some credit in the game 7, eh?
Second Intermission

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