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An exciting day in news, though happily just minor things that confirm my general verdict on humanity:

  • "Terrorist" D N El-Son continues to mysteriously elude the puffmaestros at the TSA. (Note how news focuses on the tragedy of semi-famous people - note to so-called journalists: this is why no one respects your Jay-Blaired, Duranty-ed, Fisked, Dowdifications anymore.)
  • My hatred of preppie crap continues to be vindicated by Aryan und Fitch
  • Bill O'Reilly continues to make a fool of himself. How long before someone at Fox "helps" Bill fall on his sword? Somebody start a seppuku pool on this guy... InstaPundit has gobs of goodies on this. Best response is from Transterrestrial Musings, I think also via InstaPundit, but meriting special attention.
  • A gun-deaths study gets knifed by Volokh (yes, I know, National Review, blahblah I'm a scary fascist blahblahblah -- please, move along)
  • Adding a further wrench to my jetsetting plans, Tokyo was named the world's most expensive city to live in -- prices averaging approx. 26.1% higher than NY, NY! (Moving to the next town probably won't help, either: Osaka was number three.) Harare, Zimbabwe, is cheap, though... More goodies from the study press release.

Help me, Obi-Wan Greenspan, you're my only hope...

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