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Despite lacking rtf2html, Linux has rescued my bacon again; OpenOffice quite happily sucked in my endnoted thesis rtf and spewed forth html, complete with working two-way notes! Huzzah! Of course, almost all the styling is missing, but I have to admit I have the same problem with the printed copy, so updating is required in any case. But at least I have my thesis -- a resurrection of it, if you will. *smirk*

Still, I'm pleased and rather relieved. Results exemplified below, wacky quotes and all.

In Justin s works, I have illustrated five themes of the resurrection as an event, the resurrection as God s promised future, the reversal of the world s fragmentation and corruption (even cannibal devouring), and ultimately, resurrection as natural humanity restored, along with the whole of Creation. The Christian hope Justin taught and died for incorporates the truth of the Logos into the history of creation. Justin Martyr s treatment of these themes is an important link, I believe, between the New Testament and earliest Christian generations, and the third- and fourth-century controversies which would reject Gnosticism and Arianism, and develop the Christological and Trinitarian theology of the Ecumenical Councils. Further research into the resurrection in early Christianity will provide critical insghts into the connections made between the Incarnation, Jesus  death and resurrection, and the resurrection of the dead at the last day.

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