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what you have just heard was an actual cb conversation

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cut from logs:

Guruzilla	heeeeeeee
Guruzilla	do you have any idea what percentage of my e-mails ought contain that?
DeadFish	hmm.
DeadFish	no good can come of this.
DeadFish	fetches
DeadFish	my mistake. good came of that.
chesh	Guruzilla: If your customers are anything like mine, 97%
Guruzilla	happily for me, not so happily for you, more like 37%. mostly the ones related to procedures, as in, they don't exist and nobody's gonna be the first to engage brain
Guruzilla	down, not across.
chesh	Proceedures? I have heard of these mystical things....
xenoelvis	Hello pootheads!
Guruzilla	"dear person responsible for X: i require Y, which involves X, on or about time T. what needs to be done by myself and department of X to get Y done?"
Guruzilla	instead, it's "joe started here last thursday, and he needs email and a computer, we've been logging him in as HAL on jane's computer but jane will be back from vacation tomorrow so can you take care of this in the next 88 minutes before you leave at 5?"
chesh	hehehehe
Guruzilla	and me sez: #$&&(*$#^#$& *head exploding* "down, not across"
Guruzilla	them: "huh?"
Guruzilla	me: "did i say that out loud?"
Guruzilla	them: ...
Guruzilla	me: "i'll see what i can do"

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