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{ ††Recent movies: X2: X-Men United****; League of Extraordinary Gentlemen***; Farscape, I.11****; Lain, Disc 1****
††Recent books: Deuteronomy; Philippians; Schlatter, The Theology of the Apostles; Thomas Alan Harvey, Acquainted with Grief: Wang Mingdao's Stand for the Persecuted Church in China; John R. E. Bliese, The Greening of Conservative America; Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol. 1); Kang Chol-Hwan, Aquariums of Pyonyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag;

Earlier today, I had nearly resolved to stop reading Lileks, because he's good -- too good, his style is leaking into my head and making me want to imitate him, with predictably bad results.

But I can't stop, because of sparkling gems in the precious prosework like this:

Thereís an interesting case to be made for the effect of these mass-market stores, but itís not going to be made by these hysterical gibbons flinging BS from the think-tank ramparts.
Bleat of 6/23

Now I'm giggling, thinking I want little poo-flinging gibbon action figures to perch on my cube wall!

Boss, I want more links up above, so I don't have to hand-carve my html some more... No? Oh well. The steel-city crony that journals the least in the upcoming week will probably get bumped for The Bleat. Social Darwinism. Very Iron-Era. "Hell with the lid off," as Dickens said.

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