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Unlawful detentions, Don Rumsfeld, and a 600-pound-gorilla conservative think tank walk into a bar..

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Here's a test upside-down entry.

And, a keyword-kicker with guaranteed pre-frothing! Huzzah!

The not-really-shadowy Cato Institute ("shadowy" is a great "scare" "word" isn't it?), a major conservative thinktank, issued a press release today on its amicus brief on the Padilla case today. They're all hatin' on the FederaleZ for some trivia about violating the US Code and Constitution, blahblah blah.

To which I, Anglo-Prussian Protestant, can only say: Go Cato! Go Cato! w00 w00

Anybody out there who really believes that human beings are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights should also be applauding. Due process is entirely necessary to continuation of the twinned freedom and justice available in our country, and which should be the birthright of every human being on the planet. Shoulder-shrugging in the face or arbitrary executive detention is a shameful reaction, even if it is common among the evangelicals and mainstream of America. Come on, people, wake up and smell your principles...

Update: There's one on the outgoing EPA director, too, which reminds me to send you all to the "rep" link above...

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