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Recent movies: Lain, Disc 2****; Farscape, II.2****; Lain, Disc 3/4?****; Evangelion 12-15****; Reptilian*; Return of Mothra I & II**;

Recent books: Judges; I Timothy; Schlatter, The Theology of the Apostles; John R. E. Bliese, The Greening of Conservative America; Shusaku Endo, Silence; Norton selections from Spenser, The Faerie Queene; excerpts from The Mystical Poetry of Rumi (trans. Arberry); Brust, The Lord of Castle Black;


Again with the Lileks:

Most of the stuff in these antique stores is junk, but sometimes you find poignent junk; in a shelf brimming with unsorted detritus I found a “Cheerleader’s Wallet” that had a name of a sports team, and a girl’s name, each spelled out in adhesive letters no doubt supplied by the wallet maker. Mass-produced, yet intensely personal - this had been THE objet de jour for some young woman circa 1964. And now it’s in a box of junk pawed over by strangers. It makes me cast a wary look to the left, to the shelves of items I’ve accumulated, things I’ve brought together to say this and that about my interests. All of them will eventually be returned to the Great River of Needable Items. When you buy something you’re just paying rent. Everything belongs to someone else eventually - except yourself, the day, the memory of the moment you were standing by the river with your wife, an ancient object wrapped and bagged in the other hand, watching the water roll south to the sea.

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