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mini-rev: Robot City, Book 1

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Picked up the very first book of the Asimov Robot City series the other day; 50 cents out of my b-day monies for a little book with a lot of memories. Apparently this was published in 1987, which means I read rather close to its publication, as a very young person. In another example of criminal back-cover blurbing, the endpoint of the first book's story arc is blown in a single paragraph. Fortunately, the general description only jogged my memory as to the second book, and I almost completely forgot the plot of this one over the last 15 years. So that's alright.

If you like sci-fi that's clean, wholesome, and highly Asimovian, this is an easy read that's fun for all. I'm really glad I got it. I'm also sorry I can't find the first volume of the collection re-print, but only the second, on shelves.

Yay memory which does not betray, and books which stand the test of time!

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