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Cult of ZIM

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{ Now playing: Chagall Guevara
Recent movies: Godzilla (1956)*****;
Recent books: I Samuel; Philemon; Schlatter, The Theology of the Apostles; Norton selections from Spenser, The Faerie Queene; Luther, Lectures on Genesis 15-20; Dorothy Sayers, Gaudy Night; Joe Haldeman, The Forever War; Koch, The History of Prussia; Bakunin: The Basic Writings 1869-1871;

Invader Zim
You are Invader Zim
Try as you might, not
everyone is sure you can take over the world.
You are exasperated by the idioticy of man.
Then again, you've done some pretty stupid
things too. It's okay, it's interesting to see
how you bounce back from your mistakes. After
all, you aren't helpless.

Which Jhonen Vasquez creation are you?
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