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ow my aching back

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{ Now playing: ^@#%!! TR speeches!
Recent movies: Godzilla (1956)*****; The Ring*****; Farscape II.3****;
Recent books: II Samuel; Epistle to the Hebrews; Luther, Lectures on Genesis 15-20; Dorothy Sayers, Gaudy Night; Joe Haldeman, The Forever War; Koch, The History of Prussia; The Basic Bakunin: Writings 1869-1871; Luther, Lectures on Deuteronomy;

As we all know, our Congress pretty much sucks on a pretty regular basis. However, their Library rules.

Since I'm home trying not to tweak my back today, but I can't sit still for long, twitchy sonuvagun that I am, I'm using and abusing the 'net to a.) be an Invader Zim fanboy, and b.) snag early movies down. Most importantly, there's a big "Life and Times of Teddy Roosevelt" section on the Library of Congress site. With film clips, many original Edison films, digitized. Most importantly, there are original recordings of TR speeches, digitized. Get your copies today!

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