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new year, new bugs

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Recent movies: China in Revolution (1 of 3)****; The Matrix Reloaded***; China in Revolution (2 of 3)****; Border***;
Recent books: II Samuel; Epistle to the Hebrews; Koch, The History of Prussia; Luther, Selected Psalms I; Iain M. Banks, Use of Weapons; Dirlik, Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution; Salisbury, Tiannamen Diary; Emma Bull, Bone Dance;

Sad but true: this afternoon I just *slashed* my MS kb file folder by about 3 inches of thickness by discarding all the Win98/WinME articles I'd printed in the last year and a half. So now that folder is only about 8.5x11x1.5 and almost all XP-Pro articles.

All in all, dropped about a foot-tall stack of paper into the trashbin after digging out my desk today. All culled from things I've used, researched, or expected to use at any time.

the knowledge... it fills me! is neat...
And it's obsoleted. In under two years. BLAM!!! Which is why I get nervous thinking about trying to handle a whole new post and adding new stuff into it. If I have to draw on my unixery, it'll be sadly rusty already.

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