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more than you ever wanted to know about that hat!

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"'cuz now we got hatZ!"

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Here's the message I passed on to the locals about the coolest hat ever:

Since many of you have asked, and even (kindly) complimented me on it, I'll just say a few words about my new hat:

Yes, it's new, and a Christmas present from my awesome wife, .

And it is actually an Afghan hat - called a pakol. It's pictured here with other traditional styles, and is probably most recognizable as being worn by the late Amhad Shah Masood.

(Masood was the commander of Afghanistan's United Front alliance which opposed the Taliban; Masood was fatally wounded in a suicide-bomb assassination on September 9, 2001 by two men linked to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban.)

Afghanistan is a country which I've cared for for many years, and which needs and deserves our prayers desperately. Afghanistan is a deeply Muslim country, and home to a wide variety of Islamic traditions. The country is poor in both earthly and spiritual senses, though Afghans have shown tremendous resilience in the face of incredible hardship over the last decades. For those of you who cannot go, but wish to pray, the news source I use to keep informed is . If you would *also* like a stylin' pakol, the fine folks at Afghanistan Online have them here (along with other widgets).

Thanks for listening! Feel free to e-mail me about anything you're still curious about!

Pax vobis, .

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