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You know, the point I was trying to make in passing the other day seemed like it'd been better said by somebody else. And, it was.

While looking at sources to assist a cheshi project, I re-discovered this quote which says what I meant and is probably where I got the idea in the first place. Credit where credit is due, to Charles Williams:

Such a method has the same dangers as any other; that is, it is quite sound when a master uses it, cheapens as it becomes popular, and is unendurable when it is merely fashionable. So Augustine's predestiation was safe with him, comprehensible in Calvin, tiresome in the English Puritans, and quite horrible in the Scottish presbyteries. There is no way of saving these things; even Francis of Assisi has produced, unintentionally, circles of hopeless bathos.
(The Descent of the Dove, p. 191)

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