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I took the quiz at, and besides having some apalling flaws in the weighting and categorizing stage at the end, and omission of major current issues (privacy, intellectual property, Bill of Rights issues), it seemed rather fair. Which says something about the media, but there you are.

Anyway, the results were terrifying!

1  Lieberman  	Score: 100%
Party  		Democrat

Compare with other candidates
2  Bush 	Score: 96%
Party  		Republican

Compare with other candidates
3  Clark 	Score: 87%
Party  		Democrat

Cleeeearly, there's been some horrible mistake along the way.

Mostly, I think it's that I match better with Lieberman on an unenthusiastic alignment over Iraq and foreign policy, than any domestic issue. Because all the Democrats' policies are bonkers. You'll see, when you look at the quiz - they'd end up turning over vast segments of society over to government command and control, it's quite creepy, really, and just asking for a good fresh flood of corruption into society.

Anyway, you can size up those guys, if this link works. It's just terribly typical how discussion of the major issues of the day don't figure in the comparison. 'Cuz Joe and Bushie would have a lot to answer for -- and Clark would have to provide some answers...

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