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death to Blackboard

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seething rage, cooling

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Now, I'm not perfect.

But, I don't offer patches to the world which are a.) broken, b.) uncocumented, and c.) then try to blame the victim, while d.) failing to correct the patch after a month and a half.

This is the kind of crap that Blackboard ( has pulled more than once with their online learning system. It's crap. It's bull. It's not QA-ing your eponymous software. Undocumented fatal flaws, which could be trivially checked, are pushed out to the customer. Unbelievable.

17 hours of downtime, because their patches can't verify the version of Java - even though the patch claims to do so! Fix for this problem? Edit a couple of paths in the config files. So why could this not be programmed? Idiocy. Raw.

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