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ecclesial "detox"

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Here's an article that I think hrz pointed at awhile back; it's just called "Detoxing From Church", and I can only say that it really reflects a lot of my own experience, except that I've never really gone 'cold turkey' and that I'm extremely skeptical of "reinventing" the church in whatever contemptible-ary mode de jour. For myself, I've had to give up thinking of church in terms of "my job" or "how could this be improved", and learn to receive again. Doing high-church was essential for this, as well as a top-notch pastor like Arnie, whom I still miss dearly. (He's teaching up at Nashotah House nowadays.)

Also, two of the people the author cites in "Detoxing" I really don't care for; Drane is simply poison, and Willard is just extremely overrated.

Though the article's diagnosis is pretty insightful, I have a standing suspicion of "community" as a virtual panacea. More instances of "community" turn out as "peer group" than anything else, it seems to my jaded eye. "Community" is no substitute for inwardness, which was decisively identified as the central problem of the modern and post-modern church more than a century and a half ago.

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