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Donald Sensing of One Hand Clapping is a pretty smart cookie, and I'm getting in the habit of reading him more often. It looks like he and I are converging on similar solutions to the statist-marriage dilemma: Today he, too, makes the case for the church(es) getting out of the marriage business. I come at the matter much more from the 'Christian anarchy' perspective, increasingly (see Vernard Eller, hero of previous post), though I think Sensing is slightly more pragmatic in wanting to end the ambiguous church/state relationship.

Definitely worth reading. I'm hoping sometime to think about his 'Endnote' issues, esp. the 'sacramental' issues he touches on; I wonder how your perspective on marriage as a sacrament affects your take on the problem. (And I think his definition is, even as an abbreviated definition, not helpful.)

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