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Howler: pundits on _The Passion_ dissected

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I was going to e-mail this to One Hand Clapping directly, but I have to share. Not having seen the movie yet, the furor is quite something. Interested in what I'll see and how it'll match my expectations.

Brother, thought you'd be quite interested in the incomparable Daily Howler's dissection of punditry around Gibson's Passion in the latter half of all of March's editions so far:

relevant post links: ("Holier than Mel") ("Annals of the Holier") ("Mel's Bells") ("Mel's Bells") ("Mad to the Max" and "What Siegel Sensed")

Of course, you have seen all of these already, because you have been reading the the Howler every day as a part of your duty to the preservation of American democracy from its self-appointed so-called "fourth branch of government", haven't you?

Yeah. That's what I thought.

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