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Notwithstanding Mirf's wholly correct remark that we are called "human beings, not human doings", three roughly corresponding sets of contrasts have come to my attention this morning:

task / relationship oriented (a la DISC profile)

doing / being phases of ministry (Making of a Leader)

active / contemplative spiritual life (traditional theologicial distinction)

Note that none of these are dividing gulfs which must be crossed by The Bridge of Death!, but inherent aspects of life and personality with which we are created. If I were more awake, and more brushed up on it, I suspect that SK's Sickness Unto Death would have distinctions in it which would illuminate this idea better. According to tradition, of course, the active and contemplative lives are both necessary to the life of the Church, and to some extent in the lives of every believer. Monastic orders, of course, would normally fall on one side or the other; as they went downhill over time ("things fall apart"), the active life would become inert but not contemplative, and the contemplative life decay to merely superficial activity. (Not confined to monks and nuns, obviously.)

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