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This is what is called in polite society a foul mood. When you get news so damn-fool that you wouldn't believe it -- except you can, because it would mean somebody took the option of an answer which is easy, and simple, and wrong.

Apparently, Stupid Personnel Decisions Time is upon us again, as I've seen a couple of people who seemed otherwise reasonable and coherent act like fools and let good people go by weaselly means. Short-sighted is kind. Tragically, it is insufficiently strong.

And yet the wicked prosper before my eyes, the manipulative, those of low cunning, the lazy, the generally worthless, those who take advantage, the dimwitted. The good sent out like hookers by the back way with bus fare and small bills, cigarettes and false pleasantries following, while the wicked are coddled in the breast like serpents.

How long, O Lord?

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