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today's MS-Windows nightmare

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again, too jaded for proper rage

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Go ahead, read kb article 304718 and guess whether the Win2k3 tools will fubar your Win2k domain. I'll wait here...

[20 minutes pass]

Oh, still on the third page? Trying to guess what the differences are between "original-released" and this version are? Which do you have? Is there any versioning? (No, that would make sense, fool!) Ready to keep around a Win2kPro box just in case you have to admin one particular aspect which is incompatible? That is, if you can recall it when it comes up?

And don't worry about the schema changes introduced by the client tools, of course they'll all work just fine...

* Guruzilla seethes in the corner cubicle, trying to figure how he'll be shafted this time

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