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Sorry, Indepundit, but I want another on-the-ground journaller direct from Iraq.

This delightful journal is titled, MY WAR - Fear And Loathing In Iraq. Delightful fella, hope he comes out alright. An excerpt for flavor, from today:

Clean your weapon, oil the bolt, tie down all your sensitive items, and perform functions checks. You go over the OP Order over and over in your head until its memorized. Your squad Ldr will come over and double, triple check your shit, to make sure that everything is up to standard, and quiz you on the OP Order. I usually like to listen to mellow music before a raid while I'm doing PMCS on my equipment in my room. Today the soundtrack was the Cure, The Smiths, and a little bit of the old school U2.

This was a pretty cool raid. My Plt was the main effort for this raid and the squad I was placed in was to be the assault team once the front door was taken down by another squad. Since I'm kind of a big guy, my job was to carry the 50 pound battering ram. I'm not as big as Henry Rollins or anything like that, but I lift weights, listen to Black Flag, and write in a journal like Rollins.

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