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holiday cheer!

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In case any of you hit the lottery... ;>

bios of Valignano!

  • J. F. Moran, The Japanese and the Jesuits: Alessandro Valignano in Sixteenth-Century Japan. London: Routledge, 1993. Pp. 238.
  • Andrew Ross, Alessandro Valignano: A Vision Betrayed
  • Abe, Takao ( 阿部,隆夫 ), Alessandro Valignano's Observations of Japan
  • Schutte, Valignano's Mission Principles for Japan

Christ the Eternal Tao --

Phyllis Thompson, D. E. Hoste (China Inland Mission, 1947(?)) (OOP)

fuzzy slippers!

The Early Church Fathers 38 vols. via CBD for $199 approx.

Muzak! (mostly avail. via Rock Solid Music:

Deitiphobia, Fear of God (reissue?); and FEAR OF THE DIGITAL REMIX

Michael Knott: Bomb Bay Babies, Live in Nash-Vegas, Strip Cycle, Things I've Done, Things to Come, The Grape Prophet CDR, Spring 2003 Tour CDs

77s: 88 (2 CD Reissue), ep

Swirling Eddies, Let's Spin! (but don't blow $40!!)

Undercover, Devotion

No Laughing Matter, Monstor [OOP, avail. via Rock Solid Music]

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