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Blumhardt on church and social change

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Once again, a daily dose of Blumhardt does one good:
People want a new form of society. But that will fail because people cannot found a new social order and then force people to fit into it. They can, however, set about it the opposite way—they can let themselves be transformed, and then see the change in the social order. It will change by itself.

If from the beginning we had been true to the Lord, who is the new man, and who wants to create the genuine light in all people, we would have had a different, better, and more genuine social order. If all who have used his name had been faithful—if they had not slipped back into yearning for human achievements, accomplished in falsehood—they would have become decisive comrades of their Lord and Master. If they had stayed faithfully on the foundation of this great man of humankind, they would not themselves have become lords and masters, bishops and popes. But they became unfaithful; they no longer had in mind what the new man is really all about.

-- Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt, from You Belong to God, The New Man.

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