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'we're overwhelmed by the sensation of something long ago and far away'

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An autobiographical time-tripping meme stolen from Mr. Snark, Tim Blair...

1986 - 20 years ago. Living with my parents, at age 12; fifth grade was a great deal of fun, Vern was an excellent teacher and I kept mostly out of trouble to start my adolescence, anyhow. Working at devouring books, and occasional farm chores or homework. Reading and country living, it's the only way to grow up. Listening to rock and roll!, probably Huey Lewis, weaned on my parents' Beatles records. Driving: blue Schwinn ten-speed, mostly. Politics: patriotic naivete. Hair, eyes, both brown. Wearing jeans and t-shirts (grubby with grass and mud).

1996 - 10 years ago. Living with my parents again at 22, having finished my coursework at K slightly early. Working on getting a job, to pay for life after graduation and certain jewelry for piscis; worked a bit for Pepsi and for UPS until wedding. Working on my SIP when not working or prepping for marriage. Driving: the Brick, until I got it side-swiped and replaced with by buying the folks' old Explorer. Politics, disgruntled conservative. Listening to the Beatles still, Adam Again, 80s+90s whatnot. Hair, brown+ponytail. Wearing jeans and t-shirts, w/ occasional flannel.

2001 - 5 years ago. Living in large-ish house, in town outside Pittsburgh, at age 27. Working the first part of the year in tech support for a hosting company, where I was obviously ina rut and on a dead-end track; after quitting that, worked at the seminary library while going back to finish Master's. Avocations include reading, trying not to run up the credit card, watching job market, studying Islam (went to ISNA conference Labor Day weekend, met up w/ arrius), not mowing the lawn. Driving: Explorer, occasionally the Taurus wagon. Politics: disgruntled conservative with increasing libertarian sympathies. Listening to rock, alternative, the Beatles, techno. Hair, brown+ponytail, except a couple stray silver oddities. Wearing jeans+tshirt.

2003 - 3 years ago. Living in sweet apartment in Pittsburgh (hardwood floors, radiators, next to large park and bus line to ballpark), readying myself for turning 30. Working at the seminary as sysadmin. Trying to discover the Next Big Thing for us, and starting a full year of the journal I started; tracking the war in Iraq. Driving: Das Bettymobil (Taurus). Politics: conservative hawk w/ increasingly anarchist sympathies. Hair, brown w/ dusting of grey, ponytail. Wearing jeans, t-shirt, except for work, where it's jeans plus 'business casual' shirt except Fridays when it's usually a t-shirt again.

2005 - Last year. Living in smaller, duller apartment in Denver suburb, having passed thirty at full speed. Working as 'the missionary sysadmin' since late Sept. Church-hopping and playing hooky from Anglicanism; learning how this town works; reading; see also summary. Driving: less, taking bus to work (45-min. 1-way commute). Politics: annoyed conservative (very annoyed, settled libertarian sympathies, anarchist leanings. Listening to: < href="">Havalina's Russian Lullabies, plus the usual suspects. Hair still brown and ponytailed, but a distinct silvery sheen accompanies me everywhere... Wearing: jeans and business-casual shirts at work, jeans and t-shirts whenever possible.

2006 - This year. Living in same apartment, aging to 2^5 nicely. Working for the missionaries still, suffering the ravages of MS-Windows + Lotus Notes. Trying to discern God's Next Big Thing (yes, again / some more); church-hopping and avoiding Anglicanism mostly; reading more history and poli-sci, as always. Driving: not so much, still busing. Politics: Chestertonian+anarchist+hawk+agrarian? Listening to rebuilt mp3 collection from 15 years' of CDs, plus the joys of the 'net. Hair: still ponytailed brown w/ encroaching grey. Wearing: jeans and business-casual shirts, but more and more t-shirts until somebody at work notices and/or cares...

2007 - Next year. Living where I have a shorter commute, hopefully. Working as feudal overlord to horde of new IT flunkies at $WELAUNCHMISSIONARIES, and ditching MS-Windows. Going to ideal church, patterned after the Exemplar of the Form of the Ideal, which resides in my head; writing all the fragments of the last 12 years into actual essays/books; biking and running routinely. Driving: contributed military-surplus armored humvee! Politics: more deranged wingnuttery, which is becoming widespread. Listening to shiny music. Hair, ponytail, graying brown. Wearing: jeans and t-shirts.

2016 - Ten years from now. Living in fortified farm compound with private scramjet launchpad for commute. Working as Renaissance man, pulling down six figures. Still trying to finish PhD, learn Japanese, Syriac, and Arabic, while running Exemplar Church as Hyper-Bishop. Driving vintage Stryker. Politics: enlightened feudalism. Listening to: yes, have some. Hair: ponytail, "steel-colored". Wearing: jeans + t-shirts, duh.

And now for some certain other people (*cough*) to follow suit...

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