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The loveliness of being wrong

So Dave (see previous comments) emails me and says he's got a 1GHz Superdrive 15" laptop that boots OS-9.

No you don't either, I say (more or less).

Yeah I do too, he says (more or less). Call Apple.

So I call Apple. They say the 15" is the last G4 laptop Apple makes that still boots OS-9. But I don't believe them, so I call back and talk to Tech Support instead of the Apple Store. Yeah, the tech guy says, they're the last one that still boots OS-9, but not only that, they're the laptop we see the least trouble with in tech support.

Mine will be here next week.

The benefits of a blog. This means (at least until I get it and something else becomes the big problem) that I'm almost free of the oppressive bedroom studio.

Soon I will meet my goal of 100% Starbucks-compatibility. Once again, I will be the goober everybody looks at as they come in for coffee, only this time it'll be because I've got a two-octave keyboard and noise-canceling headphones connected to my laptop, not because nobody's ever seen a laptop before.

Thanks, Dave!

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