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Antegren trials

Today Biogen/Elan announced that "the Phase III induction trial of ANTEGRENŽ (natalizumab) did not meet the primary endpoint" for Crohn's Disease.

Biogen stocks have fallen 6% today. If I understand this correctly, Phase III is the big, final drug trial with lots of people--the last test prior to FDA approval. It comes after a successful Phase II, which uses a much smaller sampling of people.

However, the results aren't in yet for the Antegren trials for multiple sclerosis. I hear through various grapevines that the Phase III results are mirroring the Phase II results--an 85-95% decrease in new MS lesions. This is from a once-a-month IV treatment. The stuff I'm on now, Rebif, is a three-times-a-week subcutaneous self-injection, and the most I can hope for is a 30% reduction in new lesions. (And I have to get blood tests every three months to find out whether it's hurting my liver, since it's an interferon.)

So who knows? This may be a good day to buy Biogen stock.

In other news, Montel Williams is annoying people with MS again: Newsgroup thread

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