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SELL IN HELL wins for Best Writing

I wasn't able to stay in Toronto for the Giggleshorts awards ceremony last night, but this morning's email brought word from Geo Pal, its organizer, that we won the award for Best Writing! I seriously didn't see that coming, even though he singled it out for praise during his introduction of the night's lineup. (He called it "one of those gems we hope for.")

Since this is the first comedy festival we've sent it to, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

If you've got a comedy film festival near you, let me know! There's nothing like being an "Official Selection" somewhere to give me an excuse to go meet online acquaintances. In Toronto, I met up with some people from rec.arts.mystery for sushi (though I think we messed something up and accidentally excluded somebody).

All around, a worthwhile weekend.

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