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Bye Bye, Brossard


10 days of incandescently intense work; eating well in Montréal emerging bleary-eyed with a finished draft and a lot of the music done.


Got to the end of a rewrite, which is not the same as a finished draft.

Made progress on existing music and found the right approach for some that hadn't been written yet--though I was restarting the laptop way more than I wanted to because of freezes (I'm guessing it was 1 hour of troubleshooting per 3 hours of working). Surprisingly, I didn't use the Oxygen-8, my little two-octave MIDI keyboard, at all. Since this is composing work, and not performance capture, the trackpad was enough.

Bicycled, I dunno, 150 miles, and didn't eat as well as I wanted, since (a) I was in Montréal in tights and a reflective jacket; (b) I don't like leaving my bike locked where I can't see it, which means no real restaurants, and (c) Frite Alors, which I made a point of finding because steak tartare was the one dinner I wanted to make sure I ate, was closed. At least the Rue Commune location, which was the only one I'd memorized.

Do it again? Yes. But probably not in Brossard. The sidewalks roll up at early and irregular hours, and it's too far from the city by bike path. St. Lambert looks more promising for next time--and Amtrak stops there.

9:45 train tomorrow morning. Assuming my jury-rigged broken rack holds, I'll be home by 10 PM.

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