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New goal, new swag

I'm sitting here actually shaking my head in disbelief. I had no idea the pledges would go this high. I figured I'd show up on the 12th with $75 from a few friends.

As of this morning, the total stands at $1625.

So here's what we're doing. The new goal is $2000, and to say thank you (and try to snare a few more people), I'm adding an incentive.

The new issue of CRIMESPREE Magazine features author and Journalscaper SJ Rozan extensively, and it's also got my article on the French crime movie NI POUR NI CONTRE, as well as a cover photo I took of SJ on the Staten Island Ferry. This is issue #2 of this brand new magazine.

Six people who pledge money to the MS TOUR FOR A CURE will receive a copy of CRIMESPREE signed by SJ, the writer/publishers of the magazine, and me. If you're not a crime fiction fan, it's still interesting reading; if you are a crime fiction fan, it's a very limited collector's item.

I'm going to set a minimum pledge of $20 for inclusion in this deal, but that's just from here out; anyone who already pledged is in, no matter how much or how little. The drawing will occur sometime in September--probably the day I go over to SJ's place and obtain her scrawl.

Let's see if we can hit $2000. Online pledge info here

And by the way... I do get notified of each pledge as it happens, along with whatever personal message you typed in. I'm extremely busy and feel bad about not responding individually, but thank you very much, and I hope you'll forgive my lack of thank-you notes for the moment.

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