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The last ten miles are the hard part...

...especially when you don't know your rear wheel went out of true--probably the victim of a vicious potholing--so the left rear brake pad rubs once per revolution.

It would probably also have been a good idea to bring sunscreen. The observant can now tell from my sunburn patterns that my new cycling gloves are the kind with the crochet back.

I'm not sure exactly what the final tally of pledges is, but I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out. I think we're somewhere around $2250. Give yourselves a big "Wooo!" like the kids lined up at the finish line gave each returning cyclist. They waved pompoms. You can use whatever's handy.

I'll let you know the official total after another nap. Or two. In the meantime, thanks to Pam Mastrota for the photo below; to the volunteers along the route who provided peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and plastic palm trees; to the Blue Knights for shepherding; and also to Yvette or Yvonne, with whom I discussed books for the last twenty miles or so. Sorry for slowing you down, Yvonne or Yvette, but if you ever stumble over this journal entry, here is the Zadie Smith article on E.M. Forster, and this is the book I thought might work for your book club.

A worthwhile day. I'd never felt that I'd so inarguably earned a cheeseburger.

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